What would we be without our fantastic team? Everyone just as important to make every individual perform at its' best!


Our blacksmith Zung Brohed. 


His patience, accuracy and knowledge of horses in general and of there hoofs in particular makes it interesting every time he comes, especially with new horses. It is also striking to hear how he sees the horse, from just looking on the hoofs, and how similar that is with our experience from the back. And even though horses is all about "keep it simple" how much every detail makes the big difference and how important it is to pay attention to every single one of them.   



Our vet, Staffan Lidbeck and his clinic, Löberöds hästklinik, is, and has been for years, our choice when we suspect that something isn´t quite right with a horse. He, and his wife Lisa Lidbeck, has a lot of knowledge, experience and a clinic with very modern equipments.



With our vet and chiropractor, Thomas Januszewski, we have a distance relationship. When he comes to Sweden he comes to us and it is a pleasure every time! He has a holistic view of the horse and also the ability to perform it, that is very rare. This is a cooperation that has evolved over several years and the confidence that has grown between us makes it very fruitful.



Our equitherapeut, Camilla Alexandersson, makes the collaboration between us and our horses go a lot smoother! She is the best when it comes to make the horses supple and relaxed which, as we all know, is what it is all about! The one and only equitherapeut when it comes to problem solving, if you are asking us!   


Our horse dentist, Magnus Lundahl, always goes through all horses before we start to break them in. There after he comes once a year if not more often. Even though he has i tight schedule he always finds time for us, which makes us very greatful! Especially when we get new horses, that has not been as fortunate with their prevous dentist, and we needed to get it done yesterday...


Markus Tåbäck. Mr x-ray! Takes the best pictures with the best x-ray equipment and always with a smile.